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What are Solid State Drives?

What are Solid State Drives?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) hard drives earn spectacular terrain in the PC disk market. But is it a good choice for you? Read everything you need to know about SSD drives.

What is a hard drive SSD (Solid State Drive)

It may seem strange to you, but the technology used in the SSD drives is quite old. SSDs have been appearing for a few decades in different formats, with the first being based on RAM and an unapproachable price, which is why we only saw them on supercomputers.

In the 90s, the SSDs with Flash memory make their appearance, but the prices are once again prohibitive for personal computers.

From 2000 onwards the price of Flash memories began to fall and by the end of the decade the SSD disks are found on many personal computers and on servers used for hosting as main hard drives. You can see this list from bitnewsbot of hosting providers who have SSD Drives in their features.

What exactly is an SSD disk?

First let’s mention what a simple hard drive (HDD) is. A HDD disk is, in simple terms, is a set of metal discs with a special coating of a ferromagnetic material, which revolve around a shaft. On the surface of these magnetic discs are written data from a tiny mechanical arm with a thin tip.

When the data is written, the polarity of the magnetic parts of the discs changes. So when we want to write or read data from a HDD hard drive, the internal discs spin at high speed while the head (thin tip) is looking and so are the data. Of course the above procedure is considerably more complicated, but we conclude that there is enough mechanical work in the background.

The SSD discs on the other hand, do not have a single moving component. The technology of an SSD drive has more in common with a USB flash drive than with a simple HDD hard drive.

The vast majority of SSD drives on the market use NAND memory, a type of volatile memory, which does not require electricity to retain data (while RAM for example, loses all of its data every time we close the computer).

Also, NAND memory is significantly faster than a mechanical disk that loses enough time to search for data.

Comparing SSD drives to traditional HDDs

Instead of seeing all the details of the SSD drives, it will be better to do a comparison with the discs we used in previous years, HDDs them.

  • Rotation time: The SSD drives do not have a rotational time, since they do not have mechanically moving parts. The HDDs have different rotational times which range in a few seconds.
  • Data access time: The SSDs are very fast and the data search is from 80 to 100 times faster than a HDD disk. Data on a SDD disk is accessed almost directly wherever it is on the disk. HDDs lose once again because of mechanical parts.
  • Noise: The SSDs are silent. The HDDs make enough noise, and of course the culprit once again is their moving parts,
  • Reliability: If exclude construction issues (bad discs, firmware problems, etc.) The SSD drives get the first in reliability. The overwhelming majority of errors occurring in HDDs are due to mechanical damage. The HDDs after tens of thousands of hours of work stops working.

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The SSDs, however, have a finite number of records. Surely you have heard from many that the SSD drives are not so good because after certain recordings cease to work, which is not the case since in fact an average computer will hardly reach the record limit of a SSD disk.

For example, an Intel X25-M disk can write 20GB data for 5 years in a row. How often does an average computer write and erase 20GB of bonding on a daily basis?

In addition, SSD drives provide much better security of your data. When an SSD reaches its record limit (hence at the end of its life) then the NAND memories become read-only. The disk reads the data from the inactive domain and writes it to a new piece of the disc.

All this warns us and gives us enough time to keep a backup of our files and obtain a new disk. Much better than ordinary HDDs, who if they spoil it is almost certain that we have lost and our records.

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