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The importance of Daily Backup in Hosting

The importance of Daily Backup in Hosting

I bet you’ve heard a lot about the word “Backup” and how important this is. So because the effects of losing your data are more “painful” than you might imagine, you should ensure that you have daily backups enabled in your bitcoin hosting provider.

Usually in professional web hosting companies, the responsibility of the backup copies is assumed by the company itself which with the required actions ensures the creation of copies without the need of the customer to do something extra.

In special cases where the feeling of professionalism and expertise/experience varies at high levels, the backup is done on an external server to ensure its existence even in the complete destruction of the server’s hard drives.

Here are some of the most famous points that make the existence of backup necessary:

  1. Hackers

“Why would a hacker choose my own site?” is the most common question we ask ourselves in order to reassure ourselves and believe that we are not “in danger”, especially when we have a very simple site.

Of course, hackers beyond the purpose of interception of personal data (credit card numbers and other personal data) are intended and personal satisfaction that they can do so and disrupt the administrator of any site at any time. In these cases, there is no selection criterion, so we all need to ensure continuity on our site.

  1. Total destruction of our Computer

If your host has not proven your backup, then we recommend that you store it locally, in addition to the machine you use most (PC, laptop) and other locations, such as an external hard drive. Your computer, as new as it is, is still a device that can get anything from a partial to total disaster.

  1. The updates do not always go as we would like

This is the main reason why most apps suggest that you always Backup your site before proceeding with any upgrades. Websites happen to consist of various components, plugins, applications and other extra features that in case of non-compatibility with the newer version may result in site destruction or partial malfunction.

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  1. Malicious software and viruses

With your innocent seemingly actions, such as downloading a plugin or a theme, you may unwittingly allow malicious viruses to enter your site. Also, weak firewalls can make it easy to penetrate these malicious software into your data.

  1. Human error factor

You may not only administer your site and have given access to others to process your files. Due to lack of education or naivety, important mistakes can be made, even by you. Mistakes are human! You get back up because even by mistake, an incorrect action in management can destroy the entire site.

The conclusion is that if at some point you are faced with error pages on your site or with a damaged site, what is preferable? To be anxious about whether you have lost all your files, data and labours or just two moves to restore your site?

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