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Somnium Platform

Somnium Platform

Somnium is creating accessible blockchain applications to tackle real world DeFi problems through interactive smart contracts. Their Multipay auto-release smart contracts will offer an innovative solution to multi-party DeFi transaction assurance.

Somnium has been carefully designed to be a simple, fair and decentralised token that runs on a completely transparent protocol. In addition to this, the Somnium token has been created for use with exciting future applications operating on the forthcoming Somnium platform. The first of those applications being – Multipay.

Somnium is a ‘fair launch’ token, with no investment token allocation for the Somnium team, no pre-sale, no ‘air drops’ and no early investor or developer advantages such as exemption from fees.

Everybody has an equal chance to buy the token. Somnium also has the power to expand and grow, with 20% of tokens held back for platform development and exchange listings.

  • Verified smart contract, source published on GitHub
  • No team/developer investment allocation
  • LP locked on TrustSwap for 3 years protecting against “rug pull”
  • Lock LP can be verified on TrustSwap
  • Total amount of Somnium tokens fixed forever at 100,000,000
  • Ownership of the contract is renounced so cannot be modified by anyone
  • Renounced ownership can be verified on BscScan or BscCheck
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