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Pecu Novus and Megahoot LLC – A Road Map To Future Growth!

Pecu Novus and Megahoot LLC – A Road Map To Future Growth!

The tech company Megahoot LLC announced that has solidified several strategic partnerships to compete globally. These partnerships have been focused mainly on the fields of e-commerce, blockchain and the development of mobile applications.

These kinds of partnerships have been in existence since 2018 and are providing a global exposure to the company and will boost its clientele and business development.

Megahoot LLC manages the development of Pecu Novus digital assets network. Pecu Novus has integrated an escrow service that can be used withing their wallet. You can go to an create your wallet for free.

The company has also developed a digital currency “XMG coin”, which indeed is an exclusive currency within the ecosystem. It has maintained security and effectiveness of the coin by making it available only through XMG digital wallet, and the utility would expand for the ecosystem.

The company will have a significant increase in the number of developers gaining more expertise in the fields of building mobile applications and smart tech. Blockchain and cryptocurrency development has also been taken up by these developers especially for security tokens and initial coin offerings. The company will continue developing e-commerce platforms and also focus on cybersecurity.

The will now diversify its activity in various industries that include importing and exporting, health care, the financial sector as well as real estates. The prospects of growth have been on the rise since the firm has done a global expansion, and services are provided to all types of companies For global development and diversification of services, the firm is expected to accomplish a revenue of one hundred and fifty millions in dollars towards the end of the year 2020.

The firm has been working towards in ensuring its growth prospects are met, at the same time providing a seamless customer experience. The CEO of the firm has recently commented about Florida being chosen as a hub for the company’s technological development since the state has been very business friendly and a lot of opportunities have been found in the state for economic growth.

The firm has teamed up with talented and experienced experts who have a lot of ability not just to take the company to great heights, but also making cost-effective and secure platforms customized to the requirements of clients.

A global ecosystem has been in development, and it incorporates several platforms of gaming, cryptocurrency, and collaborative systems.

Megahoot provides a secure and seamless platform not just for its clients, but also for its members to enable peer communication, facilitate collaboration between various businesses, as well play some games! And these services are ensured on a global scale and also provided to smart cities and houses.

Megahoot has been actively using and developing on blockchain technology and ventured to a lot of industries to aid and provide for them to develop blockchain solutions for various global enterprises ranging from education, finance to supply chain management. The firm has been keen on developing solutions not just for scaling up its important ecosystem but also value-added services that would be an asset for these industries.

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