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Mit-Ra ICO by United Health Group

Mit-Ra ICO by United Health Group

Mit-Ra is a project of the UnitedHealth Group developed to convert Nondrinkable water into fresh water. Mit-Ra Industries uses Blockchain technology to analyze and process different water types.

Mit-Ra Industries uses Blockchain technology to analyze the percentage of addition of the minerals and substances needed to process each type of water following the ISO14046:2014 standards.

Ai-Mit is an exclusive and unique “intelligent” software developed by a technical team of highly skilled professionals at the University of Georgia. The software evaluates and analyzes the quality of water that’s treated at the Mit-Ra sites. Ai-Mit software runs on a LINUX kernel and it’s used as the core controller.

Mit-Ra Industries made a very informative video about their infrastructure and how it works:

The conductivity sensor, temperature, turbidity, chlorine measure, PH and dissolved oxygen sensors values are calculated automatically upon completion of every water treatment batch. Ai-Mit software will then send the water quality collected data to the main server through Blockchain internal network for analysis and storage.

Mit-Ra Project Profitability

The World Trade Organization states that water trade will be in the top world’s most profitable businesses in the next 20 years.

The following video illustrate the current water crisis and the huge potential of processing fresh water:

Our planet has only about 2.5% of its surface covered in usable and drinkable water with two-thirds not being able to be accessed because it’s locked up in the Arctic. There is a big concern that the water crisis will hit the world by 2030. It is expected that the production of drinking water will become one of the most creative and lucrative businesses.

Mit-Ra Industries created 350 million tokens and after the Inial Coin Offering no new coins will be issued, so this rules out the possibility of inflation. The 350 million tokens will use a smart data contract that’s written in the Solidity language. Considering the advertising system, sales strategy and the business plan it is expected that Mit-Ra tokens will increase in value more than 5000% in about 2 years. The return of investment with Mit-ra Industries can raise your capital by 50 times.

Their corporate finance policy approved by the board of directors states that 10% of the annual profits will be shared between Initial Coin Offering investors. Shareholders will participate in company profits at the end of every year by proofing their partnership for every 10000 tokens with each of every 10,000 tokens representing a share. So, the 280 million tokens will represent a total of 28000 shares.

You’re invited to share your experience with Mit-ra Industries by adding your comment bellow.

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