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Major US Music Fest SetToAccept BTC This Memorial Day Weekend

Major US Music Fest SetToAccept BTC This Memorial Day Weekend

“We are preparing right now for the future of crypto and payments.”

The world of night life never sleeps – and neither do nightlife promoters, seeking to take advantage of the BTC wave.  With companies like Paytomat offering incentives for 30,000 US bars and nightclubs, others are set to cash in, as well.

Some people stay away from crypto because of it’s wild swings.  Others love it for the same reason.  Whether you like it or hate it, Bitcoin is here to stay.  And now, people are seeing out opportunities to not only invest in it, but to spend it, as well.

In the United States, a large EDM festival is now accepting payments in Bitcoin.

The outdoor event, Bigfoot Electro,will be taking place between May 28and May 30, 2021.  The lineup is yet to come, but tickets are already on sale.  Based on the lineup from last year, this year is expected to be massive.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘How are you able to even move forward,’ and the answer is, slowly & steadily.”

Obviously, with COVID-19 still on people’s minds, health and wellness are the festival’s number one goal in 2021.  The pandemic never went away – and with states like Texas easing their restrictions so early into the year, we just may have a fourth wave, which would be a painful setback.

Still, Bigfoot Electro 2021 is moving ahead.  In order to prepare correctly, the organizers have put in plans in motion to reduce patrons’ movement by utilizing the “pods” format.  The max cap has been reduced by 70%.  Finally, they are mandating masks and six-foot distance while queueing, according to the ticketing page.

“We are operating at 30% of capacity. Our schedule has been cut from 4 days down to 2. And lastly, we’re no longer doing 4 stages. Instead, we are doing just 1, in order to help our security team better manage the flow of traffic.”

The payment processor for Bigfoot Electro is BigTickets. Trusted by more than 500 organizations, Big Tickets event ticketing platform provides tools to manage, execute, and grow events.  John Ashbaugh, CEO of Big Tickets, says:

“With features focused on marketing, cash flow, and analytics we’ve worked tirelessly to develop one online ticketing system for all events.”

Learn more at and make sure to email for your crypto ticket payment link.

“We’re looking at ways to accept BTC and regular fiat currency side by side, but right now we have to offer the BTC payment option manually through our ticketing platform.”

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