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Scammed by Bitmain? Here is How to Sue Chinese Companies and get your money back!

Scammed by Bitmain? Here is How to Sue Chinese Companies and get your money back!

If you were scammed by Bitmain or any other Chinese company then the only way to sue them is in China. Chinese courts have jurisdiction over an international legal dispute involving a foreign against a Chinese company. You can read my Bitmain Review to learn more about how I got scammed by

Even if you’ll start a legal process in your country the documents will have to be sent to a local Chinese court that is working really slow and if the company you sue is big and powerful the proceedings will be even slower.

What To Do When Suing Chinese Companies

Evidence concerning your identity must be provided (identification documents like passport or business qualification certificate).

You must also provide the identification of the defendant such as photocopy of identity card (I wonder if Jihan Wu will be so kind to provide one) or proof of defendant’s residence or the basic registration form of defendant’s company.

You must have a Chinese lawyer, you’ll not be able to sue Bitmain or other Chinese company in China if you’re not Chinese.

You must go to a local notary to certify that the related formalities are to be entrusted to that person or legal representative. This notarization must be certified by Chinese consulates or embassies in your country or you can travel to China and hire a lawyer there.

Is mandatory to choose a Chinese legal representative to ensure the format of the prosecution documents is as requested by the Chinese law and you can start by submitting some evidence but it is not required to submit all the evidence at the beginning of the process. Evidences can be invoices, proof of payment etc.

After filing the lawsuit to the court and signing all the litigation Documents the court will appoint a period when all the collected evidence must be submitted to the court. You can apply for an extension if you are unable to provide all the evidence before the deadline.

We’re talking about a long process that can take many years before having a definitive court rule.

I’m just getting started so if you have more information about this matter please add your comment bellow.

If you’ve won a legal dispute in a Chinese court with a Chinese company please contact us with your story so we can inform our readers with more details about how they can achieve the same results.

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  • Thiz says on

    I’ve got a better idea. Don’t waste your time and money on a frivolous lawsuit because you made a mistake on your order.

  • If you’re reffering to this case there was no mistake made by the buyer, Bitmain didn’t provided the commercial invoice (the stamped invoice) for antminers and it was required by custom office, Bitmain provided the invoice for PSU but not for the Antminers S9. So, if anyone has made a mistake it was Bitmain, this is why they are a scam in this particular case.

  • James says on

    Bitmain is a Scam, I lost $20k with them

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