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CoinDeal Scam

CoinDeal Scam

Is CoinDeal a Scam? There are many stories online from people who were scammed by CoinDeal but let’s start their most recent coin giving campaign.

You might think that this campaign of giving free CDL tokens is just the usual way to get new members to join their exchange platform.

The problem is that in order to receive those free tokens users must also send their ID and Proof of Address   an here is the SCAM according to TrustPilot reviews CoinDeal takes all this private information and sell it.

And these are the most recent reviews from one month ago but according to stories on BitcoinTalk people have been scammed by CoinDeal since 2018.

In my case the story is simple and painful, I was scammed loosing money by being unable to withdraw. Basically they don’t process my withdrawals in in this way CoinDeal is stealing my money so I can say CoinDeal is a Scam.

"Blockchain will do to banks what email did to the postal industry"
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