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Buying Bitcoins Anonymously

Buying Bitcoins Anonymously

When a person buys bitcoins, they can buy them quickly, cheaper or anonymously. One of the greatest features of bitcoins is that you have the ability to remain anonymous.

However, if you use services of exchangers like Coinbase then they require you to provide personal information which is probably stored somewhere. Therefore, if the government wanted to gain access to this data, then they can usually get it fairly easily.

By using one of the above services to buy your bitcoins, you have the option of “cleaning” them by sending them through BlockChain’s send shared service. However, you’ll remain on the records as having made the purchase.

Remaining completely anonymous

In order to stay off the radar you’ll have to completely avoid using any third-party services and go about things in a more manual way.

The following are a couple of ways that you can stay anonymous while you enjoy buying bitcoins.

Local Bitcoins

Section Updated: LocalBitcoins released a statement responding to a new act approved by the Finnish Parliament that will require users to verify their identities.

While this may be a bit strange at first, it definitely will keep your identity hidden. You can buy your virtual currency from a “real” person in the real world. This is probably the fastest way to buy them AND remain anonymous at the same time.

Finding a seller nearby can be located through These sellers will more than likely list their bitcoins at a price range that’s higher than the ordinary exchangers rate. They’ll also give you an upper and lower limit of money that they can change into bitcoins.

Before you go down this route however, you want to research the seller to see have they positive feedback from other buyers. The last thing you want to do is use a seller that has a bad reputation.

Bitcoin OTC

If you feel a little freaked out at the thought of buying your bitcoins from a real person out on the street, then you would want to find a seller in IRC. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is basically a chat room where many people from around the world come to chat about a particular topic. One of the channels on this website is a bitcoin chat room.

This channel would link potential buyers to sellers. You’d need to have IRC installed on your computer in order to get things moving. Alternatively, you can visit by the web chat function.

After you join the channel, you’ll see a list of people that are connected. You can find sellers announcing to the channel that you’re looking to buy bitcoins. Sellers will want you to register first on the network.

When you find a seller, you’ll have to negotiate a way to transfer the funds etc.

Keeping things Anonymous

Whichever method you decide to use, make sure you stick to the following advice:

  1. Never use your real email address
  2. Never provide personal information like your name or contact number
  3. Use a new bitcoin address for each transaction.

By using the above tips the next time you go buying bitcoins, remember that if you want to remain “hidden”, then you’ve got to go about things the correct way.

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