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buy bitcoins is a SCAM! is a SCAM!

Bitmain is one huge Scam using their Bitcoin mining hardware shop to cover their fraud worldwide. This is my review of Bitmain Antminer S9 and also the other mining hardware produced by Bitmain.

Bitmain is abusing their so called “no refunds” policy by giving no chance to actually receive the products. There are many other cases where people received faulty products that they can’t use (read more on TrustPilot), however, this article is focused only on a personal experience and the way I got scammed by Bitmain.

Bitmain Mining Hardware

I know there are many Bitmain mining rigs around the world but in the same time a big scam managed by Bitmain is taking place.

As many other online entrepreneurs I was attracted by the crypto-currency industry and the mining hardware provided by Bitmain – Antminer S9, Antminer D3, Antminer T9, Antminer L3+, Antminer X3.

In the last semester of 2017 I decided to buy several Antminer S9 to setup my own Bitcoin Mining Rig. I fill the forms and I notice Bitmain is now accepting only Bitcoin Cash as payment method so I purchase the large quantity of Bitcoin Cash to pay for the miners. I make the payment that is then confirmed by Bitmain so at this point all looks good.

I purchased from the November 2017 Batch so I know I have to wait a couple of months to receive the products but it’s not a problem, there is a lot of demand for these Bitcoin mining hardware.

In December I could see the Bitmain Scam in action. When I tried to do the custom clearance I was asked for “stamped invoices” of the Bitmain products – these were not present in the shipping packages.

I search all the emails received from Bitmain and I found an email containing stamped invoices but ONLY for Power Supply units, NOT for the Antminers! The email contained info about the entire order but ONLY one invoice was attached

The story is simple, the lack of the required document (the stamped invoice for Antminers that Bitmain did not provided) made me unable to do the custom clearance.

Bitmain Scam

I am sure Bitmain team knew what will happen because they decided to send me the stamped invoice only for the cheaper products – the power supply units – and this is what they sent via email, there were no stamped invoices in the shipped packages.

I contacted them several times and it takes more than a week to get a reply and all replies seems to be “copy paste” they don’t read the support requests or if they read they ignore the problems, like the lak of stamped invoices in my case.

I’m sure there are many other clients who were scammed by Bitmain in the same way I was.

Bitmain gains many times from a single transaction like this one. Basically Bitmain was paid by me then received the products back and then sold the products again to another client (I really don’t think they’re just keeping it in a storage room, they could’ve sent me the invoices if they didn’t wanted to somehow reuse it). I paid about $1500 per product and a couple of weeks again the Antminer S9 was sold at almost $3000 on so it’s possible that this was a new batch of returned products from clients who couldn’t receive their Antminers because Bitmain didn’t sent them the proper documents.

In the end I didn’t lost only the amount paid in USD, in this time the Bitcoin price increased considerably. I was fooled by their so called best mining hardware and I lost by Bitcoin and what’s worst is that they seem legit. Is not like they’re some no name company, they are one of the biggest company in the industry.

I’m sure there are tens of thousands of other clients scammed by Bitmain this means many many millions of dollars stolen by Bitmain.

From my research Bitmain previously also accepted Bank Wire as payment method so I’m guessing the ones who, in the previous years, paid by Bank Wire, they indeed received the products. I’m guessing Bitmain is camming only the clients who are paying with Bitcoin Cash (this is the only payment method accepted when I made the purchase).

I decided to do an extensive research on Bitmain activities, it seems by controlling the mining activity they actually control the blockchain and any potential fork that may happen.

This could mean that instead of having a Central Bank like the Federal Reserve you have Bitmain controlling Bitcoin.

Make sure you also read my previous article about How To Avoid Bitcoin Scams.

Bitmain Scam Update

Bitmain recently sent many newsletters to clients, some are to inform about changing of their headquarters but many were for the releasing of their new product called Antminer A3, no doubt in mypinion this’s just another new way to scam people.

Other clients scammed by Bitmain sent me some interesting materials to study for example the following video that shows how the Bitmain Scam created the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency to be controlled by Jian Hu & Co

I invite you all to share your experience with by adding your reviews bellow.

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  • miner says on

    I made bank a $3000 bank wire transfer to China in the same day when I received a notification fro Bitmain that the products were back in stock. Three days later they marked my order as expired and NO replies to my support requests. It looks like I am going to lose my money because once a wire transfer is made the money is gone.

  • Rick says on

    I also got scammed by Bitmain. I purchased a L3+ and paid immediately. There still is no acknowledgment of receipt by Bitmain. They marked my order “unpaid expired” on their website. I have made countless attempts to solve this problem and all I get are ridiculous computer generated responses. Now they have my money and I have no mining rig. They have stolen my money and this is very frustrating.

  • greg says on

    Bitmain scammed me too

  • Karma says on

    I bought from and I didn’t received the miner

  • bitcoinminer says on

    I lost over $20,000 to the Bitmain Scam! I didn not received the miners that I paid for and I never got my money back.

  • Danny Skillen says on

    Thank you for this useful info. I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look
    for such information.

  • Irman Ali says on

    Dear Friends,

    Now they are using as Bitmain technology as front for their scamming operations.
    I cannot claimed or withdraw my money due to not paying them activation fees @$250 and withdrawal fees @$250. During that time i wasn’t aware that is scamming. Then they ask to transfer another $200 for late respond fees then again ask $150. Then i realised that ive been scammed.
    One of them is using Telegram by the name @Lisa_bitcoin and in Instagram lisa_bitcoin_investor.

    So watch out dear friends.

    irman ali

  • JonJuan says on

    I recently purchased Bitmain product to mine Alt coins. As soon as I powered and connected to internet to mine the power supply died.I now have to order another power supply just to see if Antminer is working still?There is no support or warranty this is day 1 fail.

  • Kevin Neureuter says on

    Our company ordered some Antminers, paid, but Bitmain said order expired, no product sent. #scammed

  • Hamenya says on

    So which btc miner is legit

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