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Bitcoin Securities

For those who are not satisfied by simply holding #Bitcoin currency in a wallet or at an exchange, buying Bitcoin shares might be a worthwhile consideration. Although this may add additional risk, a number of funds have proven to be rewarding for share holders (particularly those who invested early on in ASICMiner). Investing in Bitcoin shares can provide a whole new angle for buying low and selling high. If day trading is not your thing, you can sit back and collect your dividends. Either way, Bitcointalk is a wealth of information to get you started. Keep in mind, these #cryptocurrency market places are unregulated and therefore offer very high risk/reward potential. Before deciding what companies are worth your hard earned Bitcoins, you’ll need to choose a security exchange.

UPDATE: the following are not available anymore

Havelock Investments

Havelock Investments are a Canadian based exchange with minimal fees and a solid reputation. The only downside with Havelock Investments is that they offer a very limited number of funds (5) at this point and volume is relatively low.

Withdrawal fees are currently 0.0010BTC, with 0.0005BTC being paid as a network transaction fee to ensure your withdrawal transaction is included in the blockchain quickly. Trading fees effective June 1st, 2013, are 0.4% of the transaction value, calculated only when SELLing units. There is no fee for BUYing units.

BTC Trading Corp.

BTC Trading Corp. is a legally registered Belize international company offering a wide variety of stocks, bonds and funds for your bitcoins with competitive transaction fees of 0.25%/transaction (from what we can tell is the cheapest of fees). You’ll be able to easily see how your #investments are doing on the go with the BTC Trading Corp Client Android App.

BTCTC also provides 2-Factor login and the ability to reinvest dividends automatically into new shares.

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