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Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin Investments

For those who are not satisfied by simply holding #Bitcoin currency in a wallet or at an exchange, buying Bitcoin might be a worthwhile consideration. Although this may add additional risk, a number of trades have proven to be rewarding for share holders. Investing in Bitcoin can provide a whole new angle for buying low and selling high. If day trading is not your thing, you can sit back and collect your dividends. Either way, Bitcointalk is a wealth of information to get you started. Keep in mind, these #cryptocurrency market places are unregulated and therefore offer very high risk/reward potential. When deciding what companies are worth your hard earned Bitcoins you should take a closer look at the following investing opportunity.

Raido Community accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum and offers investors the possibility to earn a profit by staking a certain amount of money.

Staking means that investors will keep their digital money in their wallets for a fixed period of time and earn an interest on it.

The return on investment from staking depends on how long investors are willing to hold their coins. Raido Community  is a staking system of Raido tokens but can still use BTC and ETH to convert to Raido token (RF) and staking. The Raido Coins and are kept in a digital wallet hosted in a secure environment on their servers.

The current price of Raido tokens can be consulted live on

The traditional “Proof of Work” from mining cryptocurrencies is here replaced by “Proof of Stake”.

Proof of stake it’s a new consensus algorithm created for a cryptocurrency blockchain to achieve distributed consensus. In Proof of stake based cryptocurrencies various combinations of wealth or random selection will be used to select the creator of the next block.

Ethereum is also experimenting with The new Proof of Stake system and the Raido Community has its own system, you can read more information about Raido tokens on

Basically, investing with Raido Community is to buy Raido Coins, holding the coins for a period of time and then redeem those coins and earnings profit on your investment (on your stake).

Active investors will have access to their affiliate program and will be able to earn more by inviting other people to join. Visit their website for more information at:

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