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Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin charts are essential trading tools used to see how the market it acting. There are a variety of different #charts available at your disposable from simple buy/sell order charts to in-depth charts that depict average selling price, trading volume, changes in supply and demand, etc… The following are just a few of the charts available to you as you begin experimenting with #Bitcoins.


Bitcoinity is a top contended in Bitcoin charts. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and broken down into sections that are easy to understand. In the top area you can select which Bitcoin exchange and which currency you want information on.

The top graph shows the Bitcoin price and trading volume at given times which can be adjusted to different time intervals.

The bottom graph shows current buy/sell volumes at given prices. If you zoom in using the bottoms at the top right of the graph you can get a better idea of what is happening at the given moment.

The table to the right shows the current price and is a very nice feature of Bitcoinity. It shows live buy and sell orders, bid and ask prices and helps to determine which way the market is heading.

Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin Charts is another charting site that gives you more control on chart options. It is a more sophisticated charting tool that allows for much deeper market analysis. This tool alows for the plotting of moving averages, price bands, technical indicators along with a variety of additional options. The downside with Bitcoin Charts is that their charts are not as easy to understand as the previous charts. Bitcoin charts would appeal to a more advanced Bitcoin trader that understands the advanced features.

Another nice feature of Bitcoin Charts is their markets overview which gives a nice snap shot of bitcoin exchanges, currencies, volumes, highs/lows and averages.

Clark Moody

Clark Moody is another great charting tool that has the unique feature of a ticker sound. Keep this page open and set the sound ticker so you can hear market runs or dives when you’re busy doing other things online. Another more serious feature that day traders find useful is the exponential and simple moving averages depicted in blue and orange.

You can also adjust the timeframe for the plotting of the chart on the bottom right hand corner of the chart. Clark Moody also has a bitcoin chart that shows the order book along with executed trades. One down side is the charts look very different depending on your browser window size so you may need to zoom in or use a bigger monitor to get a nicer looking interface.

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