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The advantages and benefits of FairBit

The advantages and benefits of FairBit is one of the most recent exchanges allowing financial investors to exchange the value of major cryptocurrency assets. The platform offers more than 270 different assets that can be traded at once on its web trading platform. Read about The advantages and benefits of FairBit.

Advantages of Fairbits

  • The Fairbit exchange has no mandatory minimum deposit,this means anyone can start trading using small amounts before you becoming more confident.
  • A big advantage of using Fairbits is the low fees. Trading and transaction fees are much lower than many other exchanges.
  • Fairbit provides a means of exchanging government-issued currencies for cryptocurrencies. It allows you to trade multiple traditional currency pairs against pairs of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies to pairs of cryptocurrencies. This will attract cryptocurrency traders for the first time as they can turn fiat into crypto very easily.
  • Fairbits has more than 400 cryptocurrencies available for trading. This immense network makes it a unique exchange for all.
  • Registration on Fairbits is fluid and fast. Just enter your email, enter a strong password and you will receive a verification code or a link sent to your email in seconds.
  • The Fairbits exchange only gives the possibility to trade in USD, EUR and GBP. No other traditional / FIAT currency is authorized.
  • The way you can make deposits to your Fairbit account is by bank transfer. They also allow deposits by debit card or credit card. This basically means that there are three deposit methods; cryptocurrency from an external wallet and bank transfer or debit and credit cards. With the recent increase in the number of banks preventing people from buying cryptocurrencies by credit card, Fairbits may have fled a tip here.
  • Their user interface will be good for some expert traders, but it is not intended for beginners or beginners. They will find it in a way confusing and could even suffer some losses if not used properly.

Trading features

Fairbits offers a complex user friendly and informative platform for professional traders and those looking for a platform where they can trade smoothly. It resonates well with newcomers and new investors, so the interface is welcoming for experienced users. Detailed charts are provided by their special “business view”, and a contextual function is available for further analysis of the charts. The list of instruments is placed next to the popup window and is divided into four main categories. The order book is neat and appears at the end of the page.

There is a news section which can be useful when important news arrives, you will be alerted quickly.

Customer support

Fairbits customer support is not very popular on social media platforms. Customer service executives are not slow and respond as quickly as possible. Fairbits has live chat available in multiple languages, but customer issues seem to be in “standby” mode for a long time.


Fairbits have many advantages and benefits, these are the quick withdrawals on which they must work to retain their users. One of the recognized benefits of Fairbits is withdrawals reaching customers on time. If they solve some of the problems and focus on improving the experience for their users, they may have a higher user base in the future.

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