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8 places where bitcoin is accepted as payment method

8 places where bitcoin is accepted as payment method

Crypto is on the rise as it has many benefits, such as security, speed, transaction fees, easy to store and manage and relevance in the digital era. It is without a doubt that we won’t have to wait much longer to see crypto as a world-wide accepted means of payment.

Below are a few organizations that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment:

#1 Virgin Galactic Ever wanted to take your Bitcoin to the moon? Literally? Well now you can, just send a few Bitcoins to Virgin and you are on your way. Maybe Sir Richard Branson will be your co-pilot.

2. OVERSTOCK.COM: this company stands as the first retailer to accept Bitcoins. They deal in household stuff ranging from electronics to bedding’s. They make it easy to pay with bitcoin by just choosing the “pay with bitcoin” option at checkout.

#3 eGIFTER: eGifter deals in eGift cards online. They partner with Coinbase and accept bitcoins as the form of payment for giftcard purchases.

#4 ZYNGA: After their partnership with Bitpay, players can use bitcoin to make in-app purchases.

#5 SUBWAY: Subway franchises started accepting Bitcoin for payments for their “Eat Fresh” products. But don’t go running to your local shop yet. Unfortunately this is only available in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

#6 EXPEDIA: After teaming up with Coinbase, one of the world largest travel sites started to accept Bitcoin. This is great if you can’t afford a Virgin Galactic yet and still want to fly the sky’s.

#7 MICROSOFT: After some recent drama, Microsoft is back to accepting BTC as a payment option. Purchase of apps movies etc. can be done from Microsoft online stores using Bitcoin.

#8 NEWEGG: The ultimate site for gadget lovers, this online retailer of electronics uses bitcoin for transactions.

Do you know of some cool places that accept Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below. 

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