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To determine fair allocation of new coins, bitcoins are distributed as payment to transaction processors known as miners (see What is Bitcoin Mining? for more information on how mining is performed). Imagine a room full of accountants sitting at desks, balancing books for all... Read More

Bitcoins are stored on computers as a set of access keys called a bitcoin wallet. This set of secret keys allows you access any bitcoins sent to your wallet. Creating copies of this wallet will duplicate access to the same coins (since they’re both using the same secret keys).... Read More

Bitcoin is a new way to send and receive money online, a so called crypto-currency that is becoming more and more popular allover the world and our previous article Getting Started With Bitcoin can serve as an useful introduction for newbies. Advantages of Bitcoin Bitcoin was... Read More

Bitcoin Securities For those who are not satisfied by simply holding #Bitcoin currency in a wallet or at an exchange, buying Bitcoin shares might be a worthwhile consideration. Although this may add additional risk, a number of funds have proven to be rewarding for share holders... Read More

A Quick Way to Get Bitcoins A Bitcoin exchange is the fastest and most secure method to obtain Bitcoins. It connects the buyers with the sellers in a secure manner. There are many different exchanges online, each with varying amount of users, trading volume and fees. Step 1... Read More

What you should know before starting Like many things on the internet it is important to know what you are getting into and Bitcoins are no exception. There are a few key things that anyone who is thinking of getting into Bitcoining should be aware of. Step 1 – Setting up... Read More