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There are various ways in which someone can get started in bitcoin mining. We’re going to talk specifically about pooled mining in this article. Pooled Mining Because of the complex nature of trying to mine bitcoins on your own these days, almost everyone joins a mining pool.... Read More

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To determine fair allocation of new coins, bitcoins are distributed as payment to transaction processors known as miners (see What is Bitcoin Mining? for more information on how mining is performed). Imagine a room full of accountants sitting at desks, balancing books for all... Read More

Bitcoins are stored on computers as a set of access keys called a bitcoin wallet. This set of secret keys allows you access any bitcoins sent to your wallet. Creating copies of this wallet will duplicate access to the same coins (since they’re both using the same secret keys).... Read More

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Bitcoin charts are essential trading tools used to see how the market it acting. There are a variety of different #charts available at your disposable from simple buy/sell order charts to in-depth charts that depict average selling price, trading volume, changes in supply and... Read More

A Bitcoin wallet is a collection of private addresses that allow you to send and receive Bitcoins. It allows you to choose where you want to send Bitcoins and where to receive them.To learn about how to set up a wallet check out our getting started guide. Bitcoin wallets come... Read More

Bitcoin Securities For those who are not satisfied by simply holding #Bitcoin currency in a wallet or at an exchange, buying Bitcoin shares might be a worthwhile consideration. Although this may add additional risk, a number of funds have proven to be rewarding for share holders... Read More